Improving your Mattress

It is important for all of us that we get a good night’s sleep each and every night and the reason for this is that it is that sleep that rejuvenates and makes us ready to face the next day’s dramas. If we do not get that good sleep we find ourselves ill prepared for whatever may face us the next day. We may be too tired to react quickly enough to an opportunity for improvement in our life like a new job or we may respond too slowly when doing our job and risk being fired. Sleep is therefore a necessity we cannot afford to lose but many of us are losing a lot of precious sleep simply because we do not have a mattress that is conducive with a good night’s sleep. Many of us know that our mattress is not all it should be but make do because at least we have one and buying a new one may cost too much. However there is a compromise which may not cost as much as you think and which would allow us to get a full night’s sleep each and every night and that compromise is not to buy a new mattress but instead to buy a mattress topper. You can find out more about the different types of mattress toppers at but basically they are a topper that fits on top of your existing mattress to make it more comfortable. One of the reasons why mattresses are so expensive is because they are thick which they have to be to support our weight but, as a mattress topper goes on top of your existing mattress it does not have to be as thick and so is therefore less expensive than a new mattress would be.

Many mattresses today are made up of at least two layers, the bottom layer is usually the thickest as that is the layer that will support our weight whilst a second layer is thinner and especially designed to provide us comfort. When you buy a mattress topper, you are basically only buying the top layer of a mattress, the layer that provides the mattress’s comfort and are using your old mattress as the lower layer, the layer that supports your body. As with mattresses there are many different types of mattress toppers you can buy depending on what you prefer or perhaps your budget but if your mattress is old, any one of the toppers will probably afford you a better night’s sleep than you are currently getting if your mattress is old. You can even get mattress toppers that afford the best comfort available such as memory foam, feather, bamboo or gel, each of which can afford comfort to different people in the best way. You will probably know what type of mattress topper will afford you the best night’s sleep and so it will just be a case of deciding how thick you want that topper as they usually come in a variety of thicknesses.